City of Glenarden, MD


Great Job Pfc. Gordon for organizing the first community Horseshoe event at Ardmore Neighborhood Park Saturday November 6, 2021. Pfc. Gordon is always in the community connecting with the citizens, and park patrons. This past September 2021 Pfc. Gordon received a request from our longtime park patrons about the up keep, and deteriorating conditions of the horseshoe park. Pfc. Gordon took the initiative to contact MNCPPC Staff member Frank Reed requesting upgrading, and improving the look and condition of the horseshoe park. Mr. Frank Reed, quickly reviewed the conditions, and had his staff begin renovations. Pfc. Gordon then took the initiative to create an Ardmore Neighborhood Park Horse Event Saturday November 6, 2021. Pfc. Charles #453 created the event flyer. The Honorable Mayor Cashenna Cross the City of Glenarden , Squad 51 Sergeant Jefferson, Corporal Proctor, Pfc. Samuels, Ofc. Andrickson, and Mounted Officer Pfc. C. Charles #453, attended, participated, supported, fellowshipped, and provided harmonious communication at this event. Everyone had a great time . Honorable Mayor Cashenna Cross wonderful presence, participation, and support displayed strong and positive leadership to our community. Pfc. Gordon along with the support of all I mentioned above gave the Ardmore community a creative, and innovative solution to resolve a short and long term challenge. This partnership with allied agencies, community members, and commission employees displayed the Park Police motto “We Serve Because We Care”. Pfc. Gordon your public service and team work strengthen our community relations with the Prince George’s County Citizens. Great Job all involved and supported. Everyone stay safe!