City of Glenarden, MD

What are my Taxes Paying For?


  • Support Staff for all departments – Public Safety, Public Works, Cable, Legislative/Executive and Code Enforcement
  • Financial/Budget Monitoring and Reporting

Cable TV and Communications

  • Provide updates on the City’s business
  • Entertainment for the City, within the City

Code Enforcement

  • Ensure Rules and Regulation are upheld such as:
    • all laws pertaining to Maryland revised statues, County and City ordinances.
    • Conduct inspections and investigations of municipal infractions and codes.
    • Maintains records, reports of evidence, and serves as the custodian of records for the city.
    • Issuer of various permits and licenses needed to obtain compliance to City ordinance.
    • Conduct traffic control and parking enforcement throughout the city.
    • City wide patrol to respond, observe, surveil, report and intervene for the safety of City public relations and  information purpose.
  • Business Registration

Legislation/Executive (Council/Mayor)

  • Council lobby for benefits/Grants for the City
  • Maintain the City’s charter for equity
  • Services for the Nutrition Center
  • Provide funding for the local police 

Public Safety

  • Street Patrol
  • Speed-Cam monitoring
  • Traffic Light
  • Respond to Crime emergency calls
Police Administration
  • Clerks for Fingerprinting Services

Public Works

  • City Beautification; landscaping, park upkeep, etc.
  • Trash/refuse Collection.
  • Road Maintenance.
  • Streetlights.